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dangan ronpa

eight dangan ronpa recs.

junko/mukuro: this war is ours to lose by chashmish. (g), no warnings, 1k words.
Junko and Mukuro manage to be strangers, sisters, best friends, and sworn enemies, all at the same time.

junko/mukuro: architect of a whole world's nightmares by suitablyskippy. (m), incest + emotional manipulation, 6k words.
Mukuro spends three years as a soldier and a missing person, and she still can't get away from Junko: but even if she could, she wouldn't.

aoi/sakura: it's one thing to be able to save your oxygen by verbicide. (t), no warnings, 3k words.
It isn't a big deal, you'll tell them when they ask. You like the same things and you walk the same ways and you just so happened to share the same room after that terrible DVD freaked you out.

aoi/sakura: the thought of her falling by verbicide. (t), major character death, 4k words.
Asahina Aoi is exactly the person you need. Whether the converse is true is a matter of opinion.

aoi/sakura: guarded bodies by xenoglossy. (e), no warnings, 2k words.
"And of all the people here, you're, well... you're the one I feel like I can trust." The irony is exquisite.

aoi/sakura: the best us by softintelligence. (t), no warnings, 2k words.
In high school sports, there are only two types of seasons: pre-season and game season.

naegi, ensemble: night terrors by bellmare. (g), no warnings, 2k words.
The road to recovery is paved with night terrors.

celes/kirigiri: strange little girls by bellmare. (e), no warnings, 3k words.
Celestia has propositions; Kirigiri has no intention of agreeing.

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