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Sailor Moon // Fullmetal Alchemist // Spirited Away

I bring you the fruits of my procrastination!

took a faithful leap by tosca1390
ratings/warnings: Teen and Up

In his relatively empty life, there are few moments and people that have stayed with him. She is one of them. Modern day political AU. [Mamoru/Usagi.]

drown on dry land by fairymascot
rating/warnings: General Audiences

Michiru Kaioh, fourteen years old, with the weight of the world on her shoulders. [Haruka/Michiru]

all things that are dark by fated_addiction
ratings & warnings: Teen and Up

The future is full of stumbling, wrong turns. Usagi still wears her growing pains well. [Mamoru/Usagi] & [Minako/Kunzite]

But Speak the Word Only by sixpences
ratings/warnings: Teen and Up

Soldiers come marching home. [gen]

If You See Light by sixpences
ratings/warnings: Teen and Up

Everyone has their coping mechanisms. Pre-manga, life in East City. [Riza/Roy]

Where Sister and Brother and God-kin Know Us by Cinaed
ratings/warnings: Teen and Up

It is said that in the beginning, there were no deserts. [gen]

The Perfumes of Arabia by Edonohana
ratings/warnings: Teen and Up/PTSD, war

Roy contemplated Operation Get Hughes Out Of My Tent. Step one: Convince Him That I Am Just Fine. [gen]

Building Blocks by genarti
ratings/warnings: General Audiences

Winry thought to herself, This could be my new home. Rush Valley could be my home. [gen]

Cinder and Smoke by sister_coyote
ratings/warnings: Mature/PTSD, war

Her burden is too heavy to carry alone, and yet to share it is dangerous indeed. [Riza/Roy]

New Year's Eve by canis_m
ratings/warnings: Teen and Up

"I am not expecting visitors," he answered, "other than you." [Chihiro/Haku]

Tales of the Bathhouse by littlerhymes
ratings/warnings: General Audiences

Three stories of the bathhouse and its inhabitants. [gen]

The Girl in the Water by Senri
ratings/warnings: General Audiences

Chihiro, post-series. She can't seem to stay out of the water for long. [gen]

Wet Spell by canis_m
ratings/warnings: Mature/Interspecies sex, graphic depictions of sex

"The witch is away," he says at last, as if that explains everything. [Chihiro/Haku]

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