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Hey there folks! There's been some ongoing discussion in the comments of the mod feedback post over what kind of information should be considered mandatory to include in one's rec post. I've looked at people's different positions and assembled what I think are accurate approximations of the different approaches being advocated. I'd really appreciate it if everyone who's a member of this comm would take some time to look at the options and vote for which format they think should be the minimum requirement for new posts to the comm! I'll try and draft a posting guide this upcoming week based on the response I get from the poll and incorporating the feedback from the page-a-mod post.

And, remember, these formats would make up the minimum mandatory amount of information specified in a rec post; adding extra info/commentary is more than alright.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Other items of business: would people prefer the comm stay fanfic-exclusive (as it is right now,) or be expanded to include other forms of fanwork? What kinds? Are there limits (e.g, fanvids or fanmixes but not fanart)? And would you folks support a rule limiting posts to 10 recs per individual post, and more than five needing ot go under a cut? Let me know in the comments.

ED: Hey everyone! It's been four or five days since I posted this poll, and thankfully a bunch of you took the time to vote! Awesome!!! These were the final results:

Which I think pretty clearly show that most people want to go with option 2! Based on this response and some of the dialogues in comment sections I've put together this post, which will now be the sticky post at the top of the comm so it's easy to refer to. If anyone still has issues with the content of that post or wants clarification on something or wants me to add something else or what have you, just let me know.

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