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Based on the feedback gleaned here, starting now, this is the mandatory info we all need to include in our future posts.

Title, by Author Name [links to both the work and its creator's profile.]
Characters: [primary characters and/or pairing.]
Rating: [use the rating provided by the author or "nsfw"/"sfw" if none is given. if you feel the author's rating may be inaccurate, feel free to make a note.]
Warnings: [use your judgement - the author may have provided warnings, but even if they haven't, please warn for common triggers & squicks like non-con, major character death, or hard kinks.]
Word count: [rounding to the nearest thousand is fine. if the author hasn't specified word count, just say something like "oneshot" vs "novel."]
Summary: [you can use either the author's summary, a quote from the piece, or you can write your own summary, whatever you like, just give your audience some taste of the work.]

Some different examples in action can be viewed here and here.

Other things to think about while putting together a post:
  1. Don't let it go too long. We're not going to be super strict about it, but 10 might be a tentative upper limit for work to rec in one post. Similarly, if your post features more than 5 recs, you might want to stick it behind a cut.
  2. Try and keep your posts fandom-specific, though if you're grouping together works with a common theme or a couple miscellaneous recs from small fandoms we'll let it slide.
  3. Use the tags. The list of current tags in use is accessible here and on the sidebar of the main community page. All members can add new tags freely, and please do so if your fandom hasn't been posted yet, but also make sure you check first to make sure someone hasn't already posted it with a different spelling. This is especially relevant to this comm because of the variety of spellings in many anime titles (could you imagine if we had 3 separate tags for Yugioh, Yugioh! and Yu-Gi-Oh?).
  4. We haven't come to a decision about reccing other kinds of fanwork than just fanfiction and at the time of writing this it hasn't come up in practice, but I guess I'll just say now that it's tentatively fine. However, if in the future the comm members decide against it, that decision may be reversed. If you're posting, say, a fanvid, just make sure you can fit in as much applicable criteria from the above form as you can and don't embed the video in your post, just direct link it.
  5. Specify the fandom/s in your post in the post subject line.
  6. You don't need to follow that copy-and-paste form exactly in terms of the format of your post (as you can see, neither of the linked examples follow it to the letter); just get the information there in a parse-able way.
  7. While quality is subjective, the idea is that these are good fics, so we ask that all fic recced have good spelling and grammar as well as general coherence. Also, obvious, but don't rec your own fic and don't ask other people to rec yours for you.
  8. Feel free to add extra information, commentary, or notes to your heart's content. Seriously.
If there's anything important I missed, please let me know!

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