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comment with questions or concerns; otherwise pm [personal profile] lieu.
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This is a great idea, we really need a rec comm for anime/manga/etc. Some issues:

1. I was looking at some of the entries and I don't think that the way you've rec'ed the fics is useful at all. There's no genre info at all and the summary isn't adequate. There also needs to be some indication of what rating/warnings the fanwork creator used. I think it'd be better if we followed a standard format.

ETA: If the work is hosted on AO3, then reccers can use the C&P text provided by share buttons.

2. I have no objection to putting more than one rec in one entry as long as they're from the same fandom. But maybe we can limit to three or five recs in a single entry and members should use cut tags if they add their own notes which are lengthy. Additionally, crossovers and fusions would need to be placed in a separate entry.

3. It'd be advisable to use a different layout. The font size in the current layout is really tiny and the colour of the links and the background colour doesn't have a lot of contrast.
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#3-- It's better, thank you.

As for the rest, please see other rec comms like [community profile] fancake. On [community profile] fancake, each fanwork gets its own entry, in addition to genre and tags and ratings/warnings, the reccer adds the author's summary as well as a brief note why s/he is reccing that fanwork or what it's about. The reccer also includes a link to the creator's archive, etc. Additionally, read the subject lines of each entry.

Look, the way you're rec'ing right now, it's more suitable to a personal journal but not a rec comm.

C&P'ing the author's tags, genres, summary is a must. If the author hasn't provided a summary then the reccer should provide a brief note why s/he is rec'ing that particular fanwork or what the story is about like a movie/tv show trailer/preview.

ETA: An example: here are recs of FMA but the reccer hasn't indicated which FMA canon the fanwork is based on. Are these based on the first anime or the manga canon or Brotherhood?

Additionally, there's no indication if these are fanfics or fanart or what.

Do you know what the share buttons are on AO3? All any reccer has to do is C&P after clicking on the share button if the work is hosted on AO3.
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If there's interest,
Since you've recently advertised your comm and got new members and followers, it might be a good idea to make a post and ask everyone what they'd like to see recced, etc. Generally speaking, of course. Just, you know... like a feedback post.
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[personal profile] elizabeth_rice 2014-03-10 04:49 pm (UTC)(link)
I hope so too. Thanks for the link and thanks for doing this. I'm sorry for the extra work you've had to do. I feel a little strongly about the issue because there aren't any recs sites or comms exclusively for anime/manga. At least not for English-speaking fans. And my wish is to promote writers of anime/manga fanfics and the best way to do this is via actual recs and reviews.
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Okay, I posted a rec to show you what I mean. Maldoror didn't provide a genre so I haven't added one but I used the rating and warnings she used. I also gave the medium. No idea what the final wordcount was so I just said that it's novel-length.
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Seconding the request to change layouts for the comm. The font is super tiny and hard to read-- I have to cmd+ a bunch of times before the words get big enough so that my eyes stop complaining, haha.

I also agree that it might be a little more useful to change the way recs are formatted, so that a little more information can be given. I like that you're advocating for a more pared down form of rec'ing, but maybe if we can add some mandatory ratings/warning & genre descriptors, that would be cool for readers who want to stay clear of some subjects.

Other than that, I want to thank you for setting up & mod'ing a comm like this!
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[personal profile] 100demons 2014-03-06 07:58 am (UTC)(link)
Oh yes, the font/link contrast is so much better, thank you! I don't really have a problem with anything else at the moment.

I suppose for genre descriptors, just notifying readers that it's focused on gen/romance/angst, just little labels like that, though honestly I wouldn't mind going without it and just doing ratings (General Audiences, Mature, Explicit) & warnings (dubcon/underage sex etc).

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for being so receptie! I really appreciate it :D
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Hm, maybe something like this:

[fandom in the post's title]

title by ____

with people grouping different fandom recs under separate cuts/or just having one fandom per post. And in the summary, provide whether it's gen or more ship-focused. Other than that, I'm not too fussy about it.
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[personal profile] elizabeth_rice 2014-03-06 01:39 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd love to have some clarification/examples because I'm totally open to the possibility of making that mandatory for posts.
If the author uses genre and content tags then that info should be C&P or noted.

If the author has not used any tags or given a summary then the reccer provide a brief note. That much should be a must.
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[personal profile] elizabeth_rice 2014-03-07 10:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, I'm not sure if you read all of my comments but I wanted to apologise for using your rec post as an example to explain my point to [personal profile] lieu. I really needed an example to explain my point but I didn't know any of the other fandoms that have been recced in this comm, except for FMA. This is the only reason why I used your rec post as an example. If I caused any offense, I'm really sorry. Ultimately I ended up making a rec post to show it to [personal profile] lieu so now I feel doubly bad for using your rec post as an example. Again, I'm really sorry.
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[personal profile] 100demons 2014-03-07 11:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, no offense incurred or anything like that. I hadn't even noticed that you brought it up until you pointed it out here. It's cool, we just have different ideas about how to rec. c: