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E. ([personal profile] lieu) wrote in [community profile] animerecs2013-04-26 05:58 pm

puella magi madoka magica

kyoko/mami: stay, don't go by thereisafire. (m), underage, 4k words.
Kyouko works alone until she meets Mami, and then things get complicated.

homura/madoka: rewind by terajk. (m), graphic depictions of violence + major character death + disturbing imagery, 1k words.
"Why are you so cold, Akemi-san?"

homura/madoka: steady state by diggers. (m), underage + disturbing imagery. 1k words.
Reality is relative, and there is nothing Homura can do about it.

homura/madoka, homura/ofc: perception by diggers. (m), underage + iffy consent, 1k words.
You didn't expect it to be like this.

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