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bakura/marik: smoke without fire by neverbirds. (t), no warnings, 2k words.
That's how they work. It's less of a push and pull than an apathetic drift through adolescence. This way is easier. This way, there can never be an unbalance. Just equilibrium, and forgotten cigarette stubs floating in soda cans on street corners and behind the school.

bakura/ryou: nobody here but us ghosts by ninten. (t), graphic depictions of violence + self-mutilation + emotional manipulation, 1k words.
Every good king has an heir. (Or: Bakura plans ahead. Ryou does not.)

bakura/ryou: eats lotuses by ninten. (m), underage + emotional abuse + psychological horror, 1k words.
Bakura is a benevolent god. Ryou is devout.

bakura/ryou: aurum musivum by echinoderma. (m), gore, 4k words.
When Ryou turns 23, he cuts his hair.

ishizu/marik/odion: this world by [ profile] arostine. (m), incest + dubcon, 1k words.
They've changed out here, the sun has bleached and dried them, and the remnants of what they used to be peel away like sunburn.

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